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The L. Frances P. Liddell Public Policy Debate

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The Conference of Minority Public Administrators (COMPA) is hosting its 12th adjudicated competitive “L. Frances P. Liddell Student Policy Debate,” 10 am – 12:00 Friday, February 28, 2020 during COMPA’s 2020 Annual Conference at the Crown Plaza Atlanta Hotel located at 201 Aberdeen Parkway; Peachtree City, Georgia. 

This policy debate will afford young professionals, undergraduate and graduate students in Public Administration, Public Policy, Public Affairs and related programs an opportunity to present and defend positions on current public policy issues. Participants will have the opportunity to enhance communications skills including the manner of delivery and persuasion. Specifically, this activity serves to assist in embracing those attributes and qualities desired of future public administrators–speaking competently and with confidence on public policy issues. All participants will receive a certificate of participation. The winning team will be awarded a trophy and will be recognized during COMPA’s Awards Ceremony.

2020 Public Policy Debate Information & Application



“Being a part of the COMPA Debate team was a great experience for me.  As a debate team member, I was able to practice my impromptu speaking, strengthen my critical thinking; work on my communication skills and it forced me to think on my feet. At the conference, I was able to network with a range of people from graduate students to actual practitioners in the field. Overall, I believe that attending the conference assisted me in my continuous effort to gain more professional development, network with other people in the field and learn more about innovative practices in the public administration field.”  Erika Sherin, Former Graduate Student, North Carolina Central State University

Partial List of Universities of Debate Participants

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Albany University                                                    Texas Southern University

American University                                                University of Alaska

Akron University                                                      University of California at Berkeley

Bowie State University                                            University of Colorado

Capella University                                                   University of Delaware 

Cleveland State University                                     University of District of Columbia

Jackson State University                                        *University of Ghana

Maywood University                                               University of Illinois at Springfield 

National University                                                 University of Maryland at Baltimore

North Carolina Central State University                University of Missouri 

North Carolina State University                             University of Rhode Island  

North Carolina Central State University                University of Texas, at Dallas

Nova University                                                      University of Texas, LBJ School

Old Dominion University                                        Virginia Commonwealth University

Pace University                                                      Walden University

Rutgers University                                                 Wichita University

San Francisco State University                             Yale University

Southern University at New Orleans                     ___________________________

Syracuse University                                               *Note: International University

Texas A&M University  

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